Saturday, September 5, 2009


Scott & Lauren

I am happy to announce the opening of San Francisco's SUPER7's sister store here in St. Petersburg Florida. Judy & I attendended the Grand opening 08/29/2009 and had a blast.
Allthough the opening "officially started" at 7:00pm, we arrived early, to find the location, get some lunch, and generally check out the area. We met Scott Dias (Stealthtank to you SBer's) & his charming wife Lauren, and was shown around the store.
From Kaiju, t-shirts, prints, original art, (and a few UglyDoll's thrown in) this is a vinyl collectors dream come true.
As most of our individual pieces for our collections come from Kaiju stores like Super7 in San Francisco, Secret Base & Realxhead in Japan, and from fellow collectors, to have a store in our own backyard is truly a god (or in this case) a Godzillasend.
My many thanks to Bryan Flynn, (Super7 SF California), for feeding the addiction of us vinyl addicts here in FLA.
PS: Brian & Scott........ Keep thinking PUS SHOW, PUS SHOW, PUS SHOW, PUS SHOW!!!

Super7 is located at:
720 2nd Street North
St. Petersburg, Fl
For more information call (727) 822-8685

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