Monday, March 15, 2010


From left to right, back to front......
Swamp Muck Mummy Gator
Painting of Yellow LedGator By me
Cannibal Mummy Gator
Grey Proto Mummy Gator
Black Flocked Gator By me
Yellow LedGator By me
Clear Purple Fan Club Gator
Mickey Gator By Leecifer
Wonka Gator By Leecifer

My customized Gators

Painted by me, YELLOW LEDGATOR/WITH PAINTING 03/06/2010
Flocked by me, BLACK FLOCKED GATOR 03/14/2010


Wonka Gator
Mickey Gator
Both customized by the very talented Leecifer.
I picked these up at the Super 7 "Buried In Space Show" 02/13/2010 which featured the art of Leecifer & Josh Herbolsheimer.
As always Scott threw a great party at the show & everyone was amazed at the art & vinyl.

Fan Club Gator

In all it's Purple glory, may I present the latest colorway from Brian Flynn and Super 7

# 4 in the series,

Clear Purple Fan Club Gator, released 03/06/2010

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


From Super7, San Francisco California, and Super7 St. Petersburg Florida, (My favorite store) I bring you the 1st three Mummy Gators, from left to right:
1. Grey Proto Mummy Gator
Released 08/29/2009
Painted in Grey Pearl
2. Swamp Muck Mummy Gator
Released 10/31/2009
Blended Green
3. Cannibal Mummy Gator
Released 12/12/2009
Transparent Orange with a surprise inside, The missing arm.
All are a hair over 6"

I'm pretty focused on what I collect, but Super7 outdid themselves with this sculpt, & I had to have them. Now lets see what colors 2010 will bring. (Blue, Yellow, Black)
Maybe the Gator will go on vacation to Hawaii, and come back with that motif (hint, hint).

Starting week 2

The 1st week went great, no nausea, very little pain from the radiation, only 4 vicodin all week, oh this is gonna be a cakewalk or so I thought. Now into the second week of chemo & radiation, still no nausea, but the pain has increased. Taken 4 vicodin between yesterday & now. The pain isn't really that bad, but is more of a nuisance. Hard to sit, get comfortable, walk, ect. You never really imagine how almost everything you do effects your butt. cough, sneeze, burp, sit, walk, bend over, climb stairs, the list goes on & on. As long as it's part of the healing process, I'll just deal with it, with a lot of help from my wife Judy, family & friends, (oh and mommy's little helper Vicodin).

Now back to the toys....................

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I got a Port, (or a 3rd breast)

Nothing to do with vinyl, but..............
So say you had $13,000.00 to spare, what would you spend it on? Well, if it was me, I'd pay off my house, but seeing how it was the Insurance companies money, and I ONLY had to come out of pocket for $2300, I guess the next best thing would be for a port to be inserted over the muscle in my chest, with a tube running into a artery, to pump Chemo in. (the lump under the stitches) It is actually called a AngioDynamics access device, large name for something that hurts like a snickersbar (Skullbrainers will appreciate that) This Mon 18th I get to find out 1st hand how it works & how painful it might be. I'll let you know LOL.