Saturday, January 16, 2010

I got a Port, (or a 3rd breast)

Nothing to do with vinyl, but..............
So say you had $13,000.00 to spare, what would you spend it on? Well, if it was me, I'd pay off my house, but seeing how it was the Insurance companies money, and I ONLY had to come out of pocket for $2300, I guess the next best thing would be for a port to be inserted over the muscle in my chest, with a tube running into a artery, to pump Chemo in. (the lump under the stitches) It is actually called a AngioDynamics access device, large name for something that hurts like a snickersbar (Skullbrainers will appreciate that) This Mon 18th I get to find out 1st hand how it works & how painful it might be. I'll let you know LOL.


Anonymous said...

No nipple

Tony said...

best of luck with this journey. one of my friends just had his port removed about 2 months ago. staying positive will def help you through this. ill be thinking and praying for you often.

fellow SkullBrainer and pusfan,