Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starting week 2

The 1st week went great, no nausea, very little pain from the radiation, only 4 vicodin all week, oh this is gonna be a cakewalk or so I thought. Now into the second week of chemo & radiation, still no nausea, but the pain has increased. Taken 4 vicodin between yesterday & now. The pain isn't really that bad, but is more of a nuisance. Hard to sit, get comfortable, walk, ect. You never really imagine how almost everything you do effects your butt. cough, sneeze, burp, sit, walk, bend over, climb stairs, the list goes on & on. As long as it's part of the healing process, I'll just deal with it, with a lot of help from my wife Judy, family & friends, (oh and mommy's little helper Vicodin).

Now back to the toys....................

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