Tuesday, January 26, 2010


From Super7, http://www.super7store.com San Francisco California, and Super7 St. Petersburg Florida, (My favorite store) I bring you the 1st three Mummy Gators, from left to right:
1. Grey Proto Mummy Gator
Released 08/29/2009
Painted in Grey Pearl
2. Swamp Muck Mummy Gator
Released 10/31/2009
Blended Green
3. Cannibal Mummy Gator
Released 12/12/2009
Transparent Orange with a surprise inside, The missing arm.
All are a hair over 6"

I'm pretty focused on what I collect, but Super7 outdid themselves with this sculpt, & I had to have them. Now lets see what colors 2010 will bring. (Blue, Yellow, Black)
Maybe the Gator will go on vacation to Hawaii, and come back with that motif (hint, hint).

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