Friday, December 28, 2007


This is the Toy Tokyo Silver/pewter released at SDCC July 2007 through Toy Tokyo.

The AM/PM GID released at the WonderFestival August 20,2007 Also called the "From the morning glow to the evening glow"

At the Super Science Center Festival 44 September 30, 2007 they released 3 Halloween versions of the Viking.

Version 1: Black body, white bones, with orange head.

Version 2: Black body with reddish/orange highlights.

Version 3: The Secret version, black & orange body.

For Christmas 2007 Old Balance released the Christmas Viking with red body, white highlights, and a green & red head/brain. Limited to 20 pcs. (I added the bow)

SKULL VIKING SuperFestival 45 ltd.
Released January 2008
No name that I can find, but I like RootBeer Float.

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