Friday, December 28, 2007


In this blog I am going to list some of my favorite vinyl collections, with all info I have on them, starting 1st with Vinyl Junkies Skull Vikings. To my knowledge all were released in 2007, the 1st one in April. If you have any info on these (as it it hard to come by) or if I have something wrong, please let me know. Any comments are welcome.

Header card for ALL VIKINGS, front & back.

The 1st Viking is the SF 42 Pink Taipei GID. March 2007

WF 42 Green GID with green eye, this version also came with a orange eye. March 2007

Black SuperFestival 42 ltd. March 2007 This also came with a magenta eye.

Next is the Orange Sf 43 LTD 15 pcs. This version has a jewel eye. July 2007

Red & Black SF 43 LTD 15 pcs. July 2007

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