Saturday, December 29, 2007


These are mine:

PIRATES..................... The word strikes a sense of fear & adventure in the hearts of men, and if you are a collector of Pushead & Secret Base, it also creates a sense of excitement and urgency. Excitement of the figure itself, (who can resist these lovable guys), waiting for the release date of a new figure, and the urgency of hitting up every lead, spending countless hours & money to track down the newest figure or the one you don't have.
My collection is 99% complete, (I am missing the 52 Week Pirate), I have listed what I have, with dates, run numbers, and what makes them special. Again any help on this would be great.
A BIG thanks to Pushead for creating these, and David & Jon for helping get these out to the fans!!
These are mine:

Posted by release order from left to right.

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