Saturday, December 29, 2007


This is about the KAIJU KEN Yamashiro. I fell in love with this figure, about 4 months ago when they were released. The eyes are what sets this guy apart, (that and the burned outfit). There has been 6 released figures so far, and I'm sure many more will come. He stands about 9 1/2 inches tall, head, arms, and waist moves.

The complete collection plus a few friends.

The picture below is the header card front & back for all figures.

Header, front & back
KAIJU KEN Yamashiro the 1st one, released 08/27/2007

KAIJU KEN Yamashiro Unpaint Version solid black, released 10/23/2007
Finally picked this guy up!! WHOO HOO
KAIJU KEN Yamashiro [BLObPUS Ver.] Super festival 44 ltd. released 10/10/2007

KAIJU KEN Yamashiro Secret Version released 11/27/2007

KAIJU KEN Yamashiro DM ltd. [Orange Glow] GID
WHF Limited, Released 01/2008

KAIJU KEN Yamashiro Event ltd. [Green Glow] GID
WHF Limited, Released 01/2008

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