Saturday, December 29, 2007


What can I say, since our 1st glimpse of the Capt. at the SDCC 2007, this was the most
anticipated release this year!

Since then there have been 4 releases.

Bagged set with clear Captain, and extra pcs! Pirate head, arm and hook. The idea was to get 2 sets and be creative! Secret Base Japan only release 10/2007.
Extra parts and a 1st! Plastic header
Clear Capt. gold and red tinsel filledClear Pirate w/rum bottle green tinsel filled.
Devilclot Captain exclusive, released at Devilclot Hong Kong 12/2007
Clear orange w/ washcloth

Vitamin C
January 2008 Secret Base
(Picture stolen from Living Dead)

Side by side
DevilClot & Vitamin C
(Picture stolen from Living Dead)

Full Color Captain
January 2008

Bullseye Purple Captain
March 2008
With the release of the Bullseye Pirate set, I decided to make a Captain to go along with the purple Pirate. Using the extra pieces from the Clear set (Head, left arm, & bottle) I painted them to match the purple Pirate.

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