Saturday, December 29, 2007


Alright, now for one of what I think was the hottest new releases from Secret Base in 2007. The Usugrow Revel/Rebel (depending on who you talk to) figures. The debut of the Black & White versions, (a Japan only release), sold exclusively at Secret Base, 09/2007, caught the vinyl world with it's pants down. If you did not get these figures, be prepared to pay big time for them as now 4 months later they still command a high price.
The figures are about 7" tall, the neck, arms and torso move. From the tips of his brushes to the soles of his tennies , to me this is one of the most aesthetically pleasing figures of 2007.

The black has silver print on the front that spells Secret Base, and the back has in silver the
The Black front view

Back view

The white has black print on the front that spells Secret Base, and the back has in black the
INK FOR LIFE print.White front

back view

The next figure was released 12/2007, (again Japan only) by Usugrow/Secret Base and is
called the Rebel Ink 1st color. The big difference from the first two are that the head, arms, and torso are a clear smoke color, and the bandana, belt buckle, and the tips of the brushes are painted silver. The Secret Base is still on the front, and the "INK FOR LIFE" is still on the back in silver.

Front view
It's a drag trying to take a picture of something in a bag.

Back view

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